How We Do It

Our way to provide you with Solution.

Our teams are efficient and perform step by step to ensure you are delivered with maximum revenue. Our work starts when the patient calls provider’s office for an appointment and the front office staff captures the patient’s demographics and the insurance information.

This is how we do it

Pre-Visit Activities
Keep Track of Provider’s Schedule
Perform Prior Eligibility
Determine plan Coverage
Obtain Prior Authorization/Referrals
Calculate Patient’s Responsibility in advance (co-pay, Co-ins, Deductible)
Set Alerts for front office and provider regarding Billing Issues

Post-Visit Activities
Claim Scrubbing (Validating ICD, CPT, Modifiers & LCD)
Applying Plan Specific Rules
Attaching Required Documentation with Claims
Best Turn Around Time
Aggressive Follow-ups

Additional Activities
Efficient Support (dedicated email group – Support over phone
Ad-hoc reporting upon request
EDI Enrollments
Regular QA Audits

We take pride in doing each task at our back office.

Back office Outsourcing
Our back-office teams work with the front-office staff/team in a real-time environment using
telephone/chat/email tools. This combination of front and back office services teams allows an organization
to reduce cost and improve productivity.

Feature Services

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Ascend BPO Services manages your complete Revenue Cycle

  • Medical Billing Software

    Ascend BPO Services medical billing experts are adept at using all state-of-the-art billing software applications.

  • Streamlined Work Flow

    Our system is set up so that it will capture all patient events from the initial intake notes.

  • Billing Audit

    If your current medical billing system is not working for your practice, Ascend BPO Services will evaluate it as a whole.

  • Get a Quote

    Ascend BPO Services is a professional medical billing company.