Practice Medicine While We do Your Medical Billing

Ascend BPO Services is a professional medical billing company. We KNOW your pain. We UNDERSTAND you pursued a career in healthcare with noble intents. We RECOGNIZE that the business of medicine can interfere with your goals. We PROVIDE an expert solution that gives you more time to focus on patient care.

How can Ascend BPO Services assist your practice? Quite simply, we take away the pain and frustration resulting from your current solution. We do not work in your office, but set up direct communication to address billing concerns. While you are providing healthcare, we are making sure you receive compensation for your work. Our entire focus is on ensuring your accounts receivables are paid on a timely basis.

Our team of experts is proficient and skilled. Ascend BPO Services has a unique process that ensues before claims are even submitted for payment. We are adept at using different types of billing software. We also have our own proprietary system for submittals and reimbursement. We are skilled in the art of coding and communication. Our service includes an internal audit system, which is the ultimate in checks and balances.

Our clients tell us that Ascend BPO Services has made a huge impact on the amount of money they recover from insurance companies. Our approach is streamlined and makes sense. Our team of professionals scrutinizes claims with a routine process. Each item submitted is checked for accuracy and completion. We pride ourselves on following up on claims until final reimbursement is made to our clients. There is no risk to using our service. Our fees are based on the money we recoup for your office.

Featured Services

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Ascend BPO Services manages your complete Revenue Cycle

  • Medical Billing Software

    Ascend BPO Services medical billing experts are adept at using all state-of-the-art billing software applications.

  • Streamlined Work Flow

    Our system is set up so that it will capture all patient events from the initial intake notes.

  • Billing Audit

    If your current medical billing system is not working for your practice, Ascend BPO Services will evaluate it as a whole.

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    Ascend BPO Services is a professional medical billing company. We KNOW your pain.