• 09 APR 13

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Patient Payments

    Ascend BPO Services monitors co-pays as part of its medical billing procedure. We evaluate whether proper co-pay amounts were collected. When necessary, we follow up with the patient in a professional manner to secure payment. We encourage disbursement by check or phone on the telephone in most circumstances. This further impacts negative accounts receivables.

    Verification of Correct Coding

    It is our experience that many bills are initially declined because of improper coding techniques by inexperienced or untrained staff. Ascend BPO Services employs a team of seasoned professionals. All understand the significance of proper use of CPT and ICD, as well as modifiers. We apply the payer specific rules, LCD and CCI edits for proper coding.

    Coordination of Benefits with Primary and Secondary Carriers

    Many in-house billing departments are in such overflow that submittal to secondary carriers is impossible. Ascend BPO Services incorporates technology to track payments from primary carriers. Once we are certain that primary insurance has afforded proper benefits, we then submit claims to the secondary carrier. Our clients tell us that this has significantly increased reimbursement due to their offices.

    Claims Process from Start to Finish

    Ascend BPO Services ensures that all forms are complete and contain correct documentation. Our streamlined medical billing services accomplish the following on your behalf:

    • Clean Electronic Claims Filing
    • Proactive Follow-up on all Delinquent Claims/Professional Claims Appeal
    • Fewer Errors and Less Rejection of Claims from Carriers

    Reliable and Effective Reporting System

    Above all, Ascend BPO Services keeps constant contact with its clients. We pay considerable attention to detail and regularly share our progress. We keep you informed by providing you with informative reports that track our work. Our reporting system provides data on the claims we submit, as well as the ones we appeal. We also advise you of error corrections. Most importantly, Ascend BPO Services produces a monthly report documenting the status of the practice’s entire accounts receivable. Collections are clearly displayed as well as balances carried beyond 30, 60 and 90. Our goal is for you to concentrate on your practice. Meanwhile, we will make sure you receive remuneration for your hard work.


  • Ascend BPO Services manages your complete Revenue Cycle

  • Ascend BPO Services medical billing experts are adept at using all state-of-the-art billing software applications.

  • Our system is set up so that it will capture all patient events from the initial intake notes.

  • If your current medical billing system is not working for your practice, Ascend BPO Services will evaluate it as a whole.