Ascend BPO Services are medical billing experts. Healthcare providers who keep medical insurance billing in-house express the most concerns about the process. Here is a rudimentary outline of our basic routine:

  • We review your current procedures and provide you with a ‘state of the practice’ report
  • We set up the lines of communication by establishing a billing hotline and email address
  • We assign your practice to a highly skilled Ascend BPO Services account manager
  • We evaluate your intake forms to determine the need for revisions
  • We establish insurance eligibility where there are questions of coverage
  • We examine each claim to confirm that all pertinent fields are complete and accurate
  • We ensure that proper codes are entered for diagnoses and procedures
  • We match patient visits to bills to identify potentially missing charges
  • We arrange for insurance authorizations and maintain a database of requirements
  • We investigate claim denials and rejections for resubmittal
  • We communicate with carriers and insist on proper reimbursement
  • We pursue all claims regardless of size to reduce bad debt
  • We scrutinize EOBs for accuracy and post them daily
  • We address needs for further information with patients and your staff
  • We act as your satellite office and minimize outstanding balances
  • We consistently supply you with detailed progress reports and issues
  • We maintain our own internal audit system to check our work on your behalf

Our Contact Center
Our Interactive & Intelligent Contact Center applications bring together interaction processes and
client service best practices. Access a large range of capabilities to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Reporting and Analytics
Knowledge Management
Quality Monitoring and Reporting
Workforce Management (WFM)
Strategic Planning
Real-Time Speech Analytics
Outbound Dialing
Satisfaction Surveys
Unified Communications
Business Process Automation

Our BPO offerings are further enabled by the Ascend BPO / ITES Process Framework for Billing based
practices. Organized by process areas, this framework helps our clients in their approach to transformation,
saving time and costs.

Featured Services

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Ascend BPO Services manages your complete Revenue Cycle

  • Medical Billing Software

    Ascend BPO Services medical billing experts are adept at using all state-of-the-art billing software applications.

  • Streamlined Work Flow

    Our system is set up so that it will capture all patient events from the initial intake notes.

  • Billing Audit

    If your current medical billing system is not working for your practice, Ascend BPO Services will evaluate it as a whole.

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    Ascend BPO Services is a professional medical billing company. We KNOW your pain.